Here below are a cross section of Wedding Photographer Questions which frequently come up from couples. Questions you should ask your wedding photographer. What questions do you ask a photographer for wedding? Or perhaps more of a wedding photographer meeting checklist! So without further ado, after your engagement here’s my 20 questions to ask your wedding photographer.

There are some creative wedding photographers who now refuse to shoot group shots, though you will be pleased to hear that I am not one of them! Although I am a natural wedding photographer, I am well versed in shooting group shots, based on a small pre-arranged list drawn up by the bride and groom.

It would be great if one or two guests (perhaps the best man, an usher or a bridesmaid) can help me as ‘photo monitors’ to gather the guests. It’s always a good idea to let guests know beforehand if they are in a group shot to eliminate the wedding photography turning into cat herding!!

Do you cover formal group shots?

Every single image from your wedding is fully assessed by myself and subsequently graded for colour and tone and then tidied up if required.

How much are the photographs digitally manipulated?

You do! It’s such a subjective process and I would find it near on impossible to choose images for your album.

Who decides which images will appear in our album?

What about eating?

As I will be working with you almost all day and most of the night, it is normal for me to eat the same meal as you and your guests. I will happily be seated elsewhere so long as I can be reasonably close by in readiness to capture the main event: the speeches!! By the way, I’m teetotal which might be a blessing for those all important evening photos!!!

How many photographs will be taken on the day of the wedding?

Another wedding photographer questions which arises from couples is, how many shots will they receive. The final number of images taken on the day varies. To a certain extent the exact number of photographs will depend on a number of factors such as the number of locations used over the course of the day and how much time is made in your schedule for photography between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. As a rule of thumb, I will often shoot 1,000 + images.

How many images will feature in our album?

This is another one of those wedding photographer questions which is asked frequently and rightly so.

Each album is individual and totally unique. If you opt to have an album made, they start with 15 spreads (30 pages) which produce around 70-80 images in total. Additional spreads can be purchased if required – ask to see price list for further details.

How many photos will we eventually see?

Another great wedding photographer questions is about the number of photos. I would say that most weddings generate in excess of 500 images.

Just one! You would be surprised how many of the world’s most coveted and award winning wedding
photographers work alone….and it’s fair to say that I too prefer to work alone.

My approach to wedding photography is akin to the unseen observer, quietly and discreetly capturing all of the the action from the shadows. That said, some clients like to have a second photographer for the bigger events or to cover extra angles. Should a second photographer be required, I have a number of associate photographers that I have worked with in the past and would be more than happy to work with again. Please enquire for more details.

How many photographers will be there to photograph my wedding?

When we return from our honeymoon, how do we view our wedding photographs?

We send you an online link with file names to enable you to make your choice for the album.

Once we have received your selection, within a few days we will design a layout for your album and email you the proof. When we have received sign off on the design from you, over the course of a week your album will be hand made to your specifications and carefully assembled before being shipped to the uk by air freight. You should allow approx 6 weeks for your album to arrive from either the U.S. or Australia depending on the album chosen by yourselves.

What if I am ill?

This is one of those wedding photographer questions which comes up a lot and it is a legitimate one.

I have been shooting for more than 20 years, admittedly not weddings, and I have never phoned in sick on the day of a shoot. Not even once. It is unthinkable. In truth I would have to be admitted to hospital for me not to turn up to your wedding!!! If I were involved in an accident or hospitalised, I am a member of a closed group with over 3,000 professional photographers and there is always someone available to take over at the drop of a hat. It’s comforting to know there is a plan B in the event of an emergency.

Are you insured?

This is one of those crucial wedding photographer questions which will come up from time to time.

The answer of course is yes, absolutely! As a professional photographer and a member of the Royal Society of Photography, I am required to have both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

I am not good in front of the camera. How will this affect my wedding photos?

This is a legitimate and one of the most popular wedding photographer questions. Personally, I can’t think of anything worse than being in front of the camera. Though, from the very beginning, my approach to wedding photography has been centred around this idea of getting the best out of people with as little interference as possible and that includes you both; the bride and groom. One way to mitigate this is to have an engagement photoshoot. A London engagement photographer photo session will definitely help to calm the nerves. They 100% help couples to know how it feels to be in front of a camera lens. That way, when the big day rolls around, you both as a couple feel instantly comfortable. By the way, I specifically mention London mainly because that’s where these most of these shoots tend to take place.

How discreet are you?

I just want to address what preconceptions you might have of how a wedding photographer might behave or look. Because, there’s a very good chance that I won’t look anything like that. I always wear a suit with a shirt and for all intents and purposes, I will look like any one of your guests. My two cameras are concealed under my suit jacket. My cameras are small and I don’t want to draw attention to myself so I never use tripods, drones, cranes or big showboat lights. My Canon cameras and lenses are small, discreet but very powerful. The idea being that I blend in and move amongst your guests with the minimum of fuss.

What are candid wedding photos?

Another one of those great wedding photographer questions that comes up is based on how much people will notice me on the day. Whether it’s covering the bridal preparations, the groom prep, the ceremonial pictures, the speeches and even the evening dancing, I aim to shoot as candid as possible all day and night. Even the group pictures can have a nice, relaxed feel to them. Everyone will work differently but the way I work is centred around capturing a documentary style which means no awkward posing and nothing outside of your comfort zone. The most important thing (I think) is that you both have an incredible day, relax and enjoy yourselves. It won’t be long before you will have forgotten that I am there, documenting everything from the shadows. The best compliment that I hear is when couples tell me that their guests said “we didn’t realise you had a wedding photographer because we didn’t see him”.

Do you travel?

Since I launched my business, the majority of my wedding work has been within luxury London venues. When I’m not shooting in London, I love to photograph destination weddings across England, the UK and Europe, particularly France.

We do not look anything like the couples you have photographed

Another one of those extremely very important wedding photographer questions. For more than a decade, storytelling has been at the very heart of my work. Telling stories always in pictures has and always will be incredibly important to me. The concern above does come up from time to time, though to be absolutely honest with you, from the very bottom of my heart, I’m not remotely interested in how my couples look. What interests me more is their story. How the couple connect and then painting a picture of them both on their most important day with absolute love and integrity. The couples who I work with are the headline stars of their very own glamorous fairy-tale for the day or weekend. Like all newlyweds, they are both wedded, suited and booted, looking incredible, ready to celebrate their love for each other. The way you will see your wedding photographs will be unique and personal to you. The images I take will serve as a permanent reminder of the incredible time you had together, with your very nearest and dearest. Rest assured, your wedding photos will be equally as beautiful as any of those you have seen on my website. Your wedding photos and album will become an enduring reminder, a precious family heirloom to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Will you need to do a site visit beforehand?

An additional wedding photographer questions which I hear is often about visiting the venue beforehand.

The good news is that I am big on detail but there is no need for me to see the venue prior to the big day. On the morning of the wedding day itself, I arrive early to do a full recce of the venue to scout out the best locations.

What types of wedding have you photographed?

Another great wedding photographer questions, centre’s around the type of wedding, as some are more nuanced than others depending on the religion. With more than 500 weddings and thirteen years experience shooting ceremonies of all descriptions across europe, I have witnessed a vast and rich tapestry of nuptials from a multiplicity of different cultures. I have witnessed Jewish weddings, Chinese, French, Hindu, Greek, Ghanaian, Persian, Muslim, American, Lebanese, Nigerian, Italian and Gay ceremonies to name a few. Each country and culture has its own traditions and I will always learn the essential elements of each and every ceremony beforehand.

How many weddings do you normally photograph in a year?

These days I photograph a maximum of 25 weddings in any given year. This means that I am able to give clients my undivided attention in the run up to the wedding as well on the big day itself.

Will we all meet up before we marry?

One of the wedding photographer questions which arises is about meeting up before the big day.

If geography permits, I would love it if we are able to meet up here at my home studio in Wimbledon, London to run through the final timings of your big day. That said, with many of my wedding clients living overseas or far away from London we could catch up virtually on zoom.

What is the booking process?

To secure a date in my diary, a £500 holding deposit is required and the booking forms returned. The balance payment is due 30 days prior to the wedding.

Contact me about your wedding photography. I’m really thrilled that you’ve had a chance to have a good look through my wedding photographer questions. If you would like to check out my portfolio, please be my guest. If after looking through it, you are considering taking things one step closer, it goes without saying that I would love that. Hopefully you will have realised by now that I am more than just a guy with a camera. I have photographed more than five hundred weddings for couples over a career spanning more than ten years. I bring to the table a huge amount of practical experience and wise words to ensure your big day goes as smoothly as is humanly possible. Do you have any questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot?

London Wedding Photography

Based in Wimbledon, UK

If you have last-minute questions for wedding photographer not listed here, please feel free to ask them about any and all aspects of my service. My ideology from the very beginning of starting this business, has been to ensure the booking process is as effortless and pain free as I can. If you feel all set and ready to progress things further, I would love to hear from you. If you have any further questions which are not answered above, or would like to know what to tell your wedding photographer, please do get in contact by email or phone here on the contact page.

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  1. Hello,

    My fiancé and I have just booked our wedding for next July. We think the photos on your website are incredible! Would it be possible for you to send us a quote, we are getting married and would love the whole day to be captured up until the early evening.

    Look forward to hearin from you soon.

    Kind Rgards

    Gemma and Matt.

  2. Hello,
    we are getting married in Sept – date still being finalised – on our friend’s farm in devon. we love your images – would you be able to send us a quote to photograph the whole day?
    many thanks,

  3. Hi Jay.

    Love your pictures! We’re getting married over bank holiday August weekend next year. No too far from London.

    Could you send us a whole day quote please? Approx number of guests is 150 and we’re interested in photos, album, engagement shoot and slideshow for wedding day. Do you do wedding websites too?

    Many thanks
    Sara & Vijay

  4. Hi Jay,

    My name is Carlo.

    I am a London Based, professional Photographer with seven years experience in the industry.

    I am writing you in regards the possibility of working together, as Wedding Professional Photographers.

    I am a well educated person, honest, reliable and hardworking. Experienced as assistant, second photographer and first.
    Friendly and polite, I like to connect with client as much as possible and show that amazing atmosphere through out my pictures, like frame’s of art that will be never forget.

    I really hope you find my profile of interest and that we will have a chance to meet soon for an interview.

    Thanks for your time

    Best Regards

    Carlo D’Ortenzi

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