Couples Photos On The Day

modern bride and groom posing in front of gate

“We LOVE our wedding photos. Jay you seemed to capture the spirit of the day beautifully. Your documentary style gave them a creative life full of character and charisma. It was like Frank Capra taking your wedding photos. You brought the whole event alive and made it look amazing, like an elegant party from a time gone by. You have an artists perspective and capture the individual in everyone that you photograph.” Love A&J

I just love spending time with my couples on their wedding day. It’s a chance to see you both step out of the limelight for a short while to spend time alone. It’s an opportunity to fully decompress, relax and just be together. It just so happens that I am there with my cameras to document the connection between the two of you. There are zero pressures. I never get close to make you feel uncomfortable. One of my cameras has a long lens to allow me to capture you from afar….while the other camera has a wider angle lens to photograph the scene. Anyhow, couples really enjoy the experience, I promise.