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wedding photos in london and the ukI don’t know about you, but I think there’s something really magical about wedding photos that makes them SO much more special than every other genre of photography. And it’s not hard to see why it they are so important. For one day only, everybody is on top form and totally carefree. The wedding allows people to let their worries go, to be full of smiles, laughter and LOVE. Though of course, this doesn’t mean that there’s not a serious job to be undertaken.

I became a professional London wedding photographer back in 2009, having spent almost more than ten years prior to that making TV trailers for Sky and ITV. I won lots of awards when I worked in TV though my career high was being awarded London Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2016. In the eight years that I’ve been shooting, I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some truly incredible couples at some of the finest venues but more than anything else, the most important thing for me is working with like minded brides and grooms.

The style of my wedding photography is big on atmosphere and is influenced by fashion, film and fine art which helps to create unforgettable wedding photos. I believe that the best wedding photos could look like they could feature in Vanity Fair and thankfully my clients seem to agree which is why they tend to book me.  Feel free to look through my wedding galleries to see if I’m going to be the right person for your most important day. My style is very much my style. It is who I am and it is what makes me stand out from the crowd and I make no apology for that.

When you are doing your research, it is really important that you find a photographer that fits with your creative expectations. My advice is don’t secure your wedding photographer for your big day and try to change their style as the end results will be lousy.

I am a wedding photographer in London and live here with my gorgeous wife and three beautiful children. I am searching for couples in London who want their photos to be a bit more creative than the usual run of the mill weddings.

Wherever in the world you are thinking of getting married, please drop me a line or give me a call.

Below are some links to see a whole lot more of my work. Enjoy the show!


London Wedding Photography

Check out some of my photos from weddings in London and the surrounding area. I mainly shoot weddings in and around London and the local area though as you would expect, I can travel all over the UK and across Europe.

Destination Wedding Photography

I love travel A LOT and so when that travels involves photographing weddings, even better! Please feel free to check out my destination wedding photography here.

Latest Wedding Photos

Below you’ll see my recent wedding galleries. Looking through these photos will give you a very good sense of my photographic style.