Fulham Palace Wedding Photography – Kirsten and Mike

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As a London wedding photographer returning to shoot Fulham Palace wedding photography is always a joy. I must have shot a dozen weddings here and it never fails to utterly impress me. Kirsten and Mike chose a fabulous venue for their elegant wedding.

On the day I arrived in time to get some images of Kirsten as she got ready for the day. She was in good hands and there was a little bubbly on hand to calm any last minute nerves.

Kirsten looked so elegant and beautiful in her Sanyukta Shrestha dress (a Fulham dress designer with a shop just around the corner from Fulham Palace!) The back detail on the dress was stunning and teamed with simple and elegant hair, make up and jewelry Kirsten looked the epitome of understated beauty and relaxed glamour.

Mike is originally from Canada so pretty much all of his family and friends had flown from every corner of the globe to attend his wedding. It’s lovely when guests have travelled from afar as they are all in holiday mood before the day even starts!

Kirsten & Mike had a wedding blessing in The Victorian Chapel. I liked the way guests sat on inwards facing pews. It gave the blessing a more intimate feel. Something I didn’t know before Kirsten and Mike’s wedding was that the private chapel actually belongs to the Bishop of London no less! (And as a close friend of Kirsten and Mike’s she said they could go ahead and use it – ok the friends bit isn’t true – but still it’s an interesting fact!)

The weather was perfect which allowed us to make the most of Fulham Palace’s amazing gardens and grounds. Take a look at the portrait shots of Kirsten and Mike taken in the kitchen garden, they really show the flowers and trees in full glorious bloom.

The reception was held in a marquee allowing guests to really appreciate the beautiful setting. Tables were set out with white linen, simple candles and a runner of green foliage. Proving that in the most fabulous venues less is always more. Take a look!

A highlight of the day were the speeches, some hilarious, some heartfelt. The joint speech by Mike’s parents was lovely and demonstrated how much love they clearly have for their son.

Now I see dancing at wedding receptions all the time but you guys take the crown. Rarely have I seen a dancefloor with stronger shapes thrown! That level of commitment to partying was an absolute joy to behold.

A beautiful and elegant wedding full of love and laughter for this gorgeous couple. Getting to work with couples like Kirsten and Mike and getting to shoot wedding photography at Fulham Palace are why I love my job as a London wedding photographer.


Brides dress: Sanyukta Shrestha https://www.sanyuktashrestha.com
Brides shoes: Jimmy Choo https://www.jimmychoo.com
Groom suit: Paul Smith https://www.paulsmith.com/uk/mens/suits
Wedding venue: Fulham Palace (The Victorian Chapel) http://www.fulhampalace.org/weddings-parties-events/chapel-blessings/
Wedding reception: Fulham Palace http://www.fulhampalace.org


wedding photographer victorian chapel fulham palace