Indian Wedding Couple Posing Photography

Cool Indian Wedding Couple Photography Posing

Below you will find some great ideas for the best couple shots: Beautiful, artistic couple photography ideas and posing for a wedding

indian wedding photography posing bride and groom images photography

It goes without saying that your wedding is known to be one of the most important days of your life. I remember when we got married, my wife spent a small fortune on a fabulous white dress, we pushed the boat out on delicious food, we paid out for beautiful flowers (including cornflowers which my wife loves) and every solitary detail and all the arrangements came together perfectly to make the day perfectly memorable. Even the rain was a delight!

Like every couple looking to tie the knot, the memorable moments needed to be captured in a beautiful, authentic way. Sadly we ended up having very traditional photos taken which meant that our supposedly beautiful memories were not captured as we would have liked them to be….which meant we now have to rely on our memories. So the couple photography ideas for our wedding album were pretty bland to be honest. When we look back at the album, we wince because the photos don’t really tell a story of our big day.

That’s why I ended up being a wedding photographer myself. I wanted to create really lovely timeless photos of couples, posing in a natural way. My photography ideas for the wedded couples I worked with, all loved this idea of storytelling. Below is an Indian wedding which highlights perfectly (I think) some modern couple photography posing.  Sara & Vijay’s wedding album looked so much cooler than ours!

True love brings a fairytale to life

wedding couple posing

Imagine a photo like this one inside your beautiful wedding album.

Kindred Spirits

bride & groom wedding photography poses

I love this kind of natural, unposed couple photography and there a sense of intimacy which I really think it perfectly sums up what it means to love your partner and to be in love.

Couple shots

Wedding couple posing photography

The beauty of these kind of wedding couple photography shots is they literally pop off the page of your album. The colours unique to Indian weddings just look divine in the right context.

The stunning bride pose

indian bride poses

Capturing a few individual shots of the bride on her own are essential and this picture of Sara in her silk sari illustrate why they are so important.

The natural couple

indian wedding photography posing

To pose, the couple should relax and feel comfortable in each others company. This photograph highlights a lovely, natural moments which the couple enjoyed.

The groom alone

wedding photography groom posing

These shots don’t always need to be about the bride. This particular shot was taken just before the marriage ceremony. Posing in his incredible silk sherwani, the groom Vijay looked the part complete with sword.

Romance personified

couple wedding photography

I absolutely love photography ideas like this where the couple are photographed posing alone. I have to say that within an album, these portraits look phenomenal. This type of photography is a great opportunity to see the colourful outfits in all their glory too!

The seated pose

indian bride and groom posing ideas

Being sat down often makes couples feel more comfortable for posing. The bride and feel are more relaxed and as a result they look very natural.

Context is king

indian couple weddings poses

It’s nice sometimes to find a nice setting away from prying eyes to a lovely full length pose of the couple after the marriage. The light in this room was so pretty.

A chance to practice the first dance!

indian wedding dancing pose

Couples can often feel a bit nervous about their big moment on the dance floor, so a chance to practice beforehand never goes a miss!

The couple with a change of outfits

photo of indian wedding couple


Who says the couple can’t have two ceremonies! It’s a chance to change their outfits into western clothes which looks GREAT in the pictures.

Intimate moments together

indian wedding couple photo

I love the idea of an intimate picture like this one, immediately after the marriage. A beautiful moment of shared love.

The bridal portrait

Indian bride posing for a portrait

We’ve had a picture of the groom on his own, now it is a chance for the bride to shine.

Romantic poses in a nice setting

photoshoot of indian wedding couple

I love this shot of the couple as it shows a natural moment of intimacy within their relationship. Sara & Vijay were very clearly enamoured with each other.

Black and white portrait outside

Indian Wedding Couple Posing Photography 1 Aynhoe Park wedding photography by Jay Rowden 104

This kind of photography is classy. You don’t want to see too many shots in black and white, though a few dozen pictures of the couple portraying their love and devotion for each other just looks stunning.

The first danceindian photo marriage

Marriage is about tenderness and love and nowhere is it more evident than during the first dance. When the bride and the groom are on that dance floor, the love for each can’t be hidden. They are now partners for life.

Who is really in charge!

indian marriage posing techniques

I love this kind of posing because it’s not clear who is the boss! What do you think? Is it the bride or the groom? I will leave that to you to decide.

Looking at the camera

indian wedding album ideas

I always think that the best photography pose is the natural look, which means not looking at the camera. Though if the bride looks into the lens on her own, it can be very a powerful picture of the couple.

Solo picture of the groom before wedlock

Before the nuptials take place, the bridegroom can feel nervous. This is the perfect opportunity to take a beautiful picture of him alone in his silk fineries before the ceremony.

The devil is in the detail 

indian wedding photobook design

It’s very tempting to be too far away to shoot the pictures, though the details of the bride and groom’s outfits are often overlooked. It is nice to see them close up.

The bridegroom and the bridesmaids

A lovely relaxed moment of the groom with the two bridesmaids before the ceremony. This is the kind of picture that is very likely to be found in every wedding album photo shoot.

Up close and very personal 

indian bridal makeup photo

A classic wedding album pose which just oozes love. It’s very close up and extremely intimate but it is one which every bride adores as it is classy.

The groom and his Mum together

indian marriage photos

A lovely moment just before they walk down the aisle, of the groom with his Mum together. Another classic portrait of a close relationship which the parents will cherish in years to come.

The fun relationship

fun wedding photography

This photography pose is fun and yet shows the love the couple have for each other. They are soul mates and committed to lifetime of happiness.

To see Sara & Vijay’s wedding in all its glory, please click here: wedding photography at Aynhoe Park