Much like coffee table albums, sourcing great wedding frames has become something of a tricky business these days. There are a thousand framing companies out there offering some pretty reasonable products at reasonable prices. In fact, there are hundreds of them scattered across the UK. Though I was not really interested in just 'reasonable'. I wanted fantastic, first class frames to blow the other competitors out of the water. The best in show. And after a long and winding search I finally came across this company and I knew in an instant they were on the money. They use only genuine fine art archival prints techniques and when I saw the quality of their workmanship in the flesh I was staggered. They are members of the Fine Art Trade Guild and supply to many of the finest organisations including Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Warner Music and The Natural History Museum and even support some of the leading photographers in this country including the venerable David Bailey. If they're good enough for Bailey, they're good enough for me. They aim to deliver the wow factor everytime and boy do they deliver it. In spades. Whether it be a box canvas, a gallery frame, a box frame, a gallery framed floating print, a floating canvas, a vintage ornate canvas, an acrylic wall mount, a gallery wrap or a highline, this company can supply wedding frames for all tastes, contemporary and classic. jay rowden wedding photography framesFrames 1 jay rowden photography frames gallery framed print 2Frames 2 jay rowden photography frames floating canvas 2Frames 3 jay rowden photography frames floating canvasFrames 4 jay rowden photography frames highlineFrames 5 jay rowden photography frames box canvasFrames 6 jay rowden photography frames boxed framed print 2Frames 7 jay rowden photography frames boxed framed printFrames 8 jay rowden photography frames gallery framed printFrames 9 jay rowden photography frames lux 2Frames 10 jay rowden photography frames vintage ornate canvas

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