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A few weeks ago on a bitterly cold spring morning, I had the pleasure of photographing Laura & Pete in the company of two very beautiful cars. None other than the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X. I have to admit that until the day of the photo shoot, I’d never really paid much attention to Tesla cars. I knew they were fully electric. I was fully aware of their environmental credentials (obviously!). I’d also heard on the grapevine that they were fast. Very fast! According to one report I read, the latest Tesla Model S became the fastest accelerating production car in the world. Now that is a claim to fame! How on earth could a fully electric car compete with the likes of the gas guzzling Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini? I was intrigued. So when the lovely people at Whitecar lent me a Tesla Model S 90D for a few days I found out for myself just how extraordinary these Tesla cars are and I now know what the fuss is all about. This car can move. 0-60 in 2.28 seconds. When I put my foot down, I felt like my face was strapped to a rocket. The acceleration that the Tesla Model S produces is mind numbingly fast. It’s little wonder that people are handing over their hard earned cash in their droves to buy the latest Tesla wonder cars. Elon Musk has changed motoring forever. If I had £90,000 in my back pocket, I’d be at the front of queue to buy the Tesla Model S 90D. A totally divine engineering feat.

Here are a few photos from the shoot. Huge thanks to Shana and Mike from specialist Tesla car hire company Whitecar for supplying their stunning selection of Teslas for this shoot. Thank you also to my favourite bridal designer Emma Victoria Payne for supplying the beautiful dresses and massive appreciation goes out to Laurence for her flawless hair and make up and to John Boyd Hats for his gorgeous creations. Thanks to Ben for his awesome videography and drone imagery and thank you also to Laura Moore and Pete Bromfield for braving the arctic winds all in the name of art!

Location: Hedsor House // Wedding Dress Designer: Emma Victoria Payne // Bridal Hat: John Boyd Hats // Shoes: Rainbow // Hair & Make Up: Laurence from The Beauty Bees // Videography: Ben Marlow from Kissing Gate Films //  Tesla Car Hire: Whitecar // Written by Jay Rowden
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