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My background is most probably a bit different from other wedding photographers that you will come across. I spent almost fifteen years as a Producer and Creative in the TV industry working for Sky and ITV and had my fair share of success along the way. During that time I was also a passionate photographer though more recently I’ve turned my attention towards creating a boutique photography business. Today, my primary focus is wedding photography and I am a huge fan of what’s known as visual storytelling, very much aiming to tell a story of the day through pictures. That said, when I shoot a wedding I always make sure there is plenty of room for my signature fashion inspired images. My philosophy is that nothing should be forced or contrived, just super cool imagery for you to cherish for the rest of your lives. It is my belief that your wedding day should be a day to remember, and when I say that, I mean the entire day. I like to arrive as early as possible and follow the whole of the preparations, both Bride & Groom, the ceremony, formal portraits, the reception as well as the all important party afterwards. Most photographers tend to offer 6-8 hours coverage, though I believe that some of the best and most memorable moments happen when the party starts and everyone really begins to let their hair down. I rarely shoot less than 10 hours though most coverage tends to last 12 hours or more, and so far all my couples have loved having me around all day.

One of the main reasons why I decided to pursue wedding photography is that I found that traditional wedding photography looked so bland and predictable. The more I looked around, the more I saw the same kind of work, which I felt didn’t fully capture the spirit and the raw emotion of the day at all mostly of couples looking really awkward staring at the camera with cheesy grins. When you look back at your photographs in ten years time, you want to open your wedding album and be taken back to the day. You should be able to look at the photos and remember exactly how you felt when the photographs were taken. I shoot natural, candid shots of the day, capturing all the little things that you will be too busy to notice and the discreet way in which I work means that I blend seamlessly into the surroundings instantly making you and your guests feel relaxed and comfortable in my company.
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