10 Top Tips For Planning An Autumn Wedding

10 Top Tips For Planning An Autumn Wedding

10 Top Tips For Planning An Autumn Wedding

Autumn is a truly magical time of year, and so could be considered the perfect season for one of the most special days of your adult life.

A stunning colour palette outside, mild temperatures, the smell of bonfires and the feeling of warm cosiness when indoors - it’s a season filled with love and comfort which is perfect for a wedding.

If you’re considering a wedding in autumn, here’s my favourite 10 Top Tips For Planning An Autumn Wedding and how best to plan that special day:

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Take advantage of lower costs

Another 10 Top Tips For Planning An Autumn Wedding....what about those wedding venues you once considered out of your budget?

Well come the autumn, you might find they may be available to you now.

Why is that?

This is because autumn months are usually considered off peak, and so lower prices are applied to packages at grand hotels and other venues because there is less demand.

Therefore, don’t rule anything out when booking that reception venue.

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Autumnal colours make a perfect theme

Take inspiration from the turning leaves, open fires and the rustic aesthetic that the season evokes.

Reds, oranges and yellows as well as dark pinks and burgundy are perfect colours for an autumnal wedding.

Pick out your favourite shades for the bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen’s boutonnieres and you could even opt for a rose gold wedding band.

These can be tough to find but Diamonds Factory is a good place to find one.

It's a beautiful reminder of the beauty of autumn and your wedding.

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Get seasonal holidays involved

Halloween and bonfire night are key events in the autumn calendar and it’s a great idea to incorporate some elements of these in your wedding.

Have pumpkins lining the aisle or on the table as themed décor or if your wedding is in a rural location ask about having a bonfire created to keep guests warm and create a fun outside area for people to sit.

Sparklers are another fun addition; pop these on the tables as simple, affordable wedding favours guests can enjoy later – they also make for great photo opportunities.

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Serve up warming food

Out goes the salad and in comes the comfort food once autumn rolls around. This means warming stews, hearty roasts and luxurious pies should definitely be on the menu.

Alternatively, a BBQ or a hog roast is great for an autumn wedding, reminding us of upcoming Christmas markets and bonfire nights.

Include autumn scenery in your photos

Autumn leaves on trees and dusky pink skies in the late afternoon are perfect backdrops for your wedding photography.

Ensure your photographer knows that you want to capture these types of shots on the day and you’ll receive images you can cherish forever.

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Use seasonal flowers

Not only are seasonal flowers budget friendly but autumn offers up some unusual varieties to include in your bouquets.

A backdrop of foliage and the bright pinks of Sweet William work beautifully with the bold white of Gypsophila, purple roses and striking orange Gerberas.

If you’re feeling inspired by Halloween some black calla lilies are a great extra addition.

Ask your florist to put together some suggestions for flowers that they will have in stock and in season and choose from these.

Autumn weddings are fun. Even if it decides to rain or gets a little chilly with these elements featured in your big day it will still be a moment to remember and cherish forever!

So what about some autumn wedding ideas on a budget?

How to make a cheap but beautiful autumn wedding without breaking the bank?

Here are a few wedding ideas.

Work with your caterer on an autumnal menu

The beauty of the autumn is that as the seasons change, so the summer salads make way for autumn and winter warmer dishes like delicious warming soups and stews.

The catering company will be thrilled because they're easy to prepare but most importantly, those kinds of dishes are relatively cheap AND they are crowd pleasing meals.

Having spent the day being a bit nippy outside, coming indoors to eat an autumn warmer such as a stew or a soup will get everyone excited.

Best served with chunky newly baked bread and your guests will love you for it.

Get your wedding photos taken outdoors

richmond park wedding photography

It's so obvious that I am embarrassed to even mention it!!

The colours of the leaves as they fall at this time of year makes it a winning formula for your wedding photos.

The beautiful, natural brown hues mixed with a range of red and gold to boot will ensure your pictures look incredible.

And you know there's something else that the best wedding photographers will tell you.

The light at this time of the year is softer, more diffuse, more photogenic and much nicer on the skin tones.

The sun is lower in the sky and personally I can't get enough of the beautiful autumn light especially as the sun is setting.

Though it's an idea to have something to cover your shoulders as the temperature can turn quite quickly and you don't want goosebumps visible in the pictures!!

Hang Paper Lanterns In The Trees

hanging paper lanterns trees autumn wedding

It's such a simple, cheap and yet incredibly effective way to brighten up your autumn wedding.

Hang a bunch of paper lanterns from the trees at your venue and bingo, you have a really  are a really stunning addition to an autumn wedding.

Your guests will be wowed too!

You can pick these paper lanterns up very easily from Amazon now.


Switch Champagne and Replace With Mulled Wine!!

There's something so magical about mulled wine in the autumn months, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Everyone loves a hot toddy and nothing beats a lovely warm glass of mulled wine if you've been outside in the cold air.

And mulled wine really gets everyone in the festive spirit too, which is why I think it's a great alternative to champagne at this time of the year.


Fairy Lights

hanging fairylights wedding london

Who doesn't love a twinkly fairy light?

Personally, I can't imagine fairy lights not being on my 10 Top Tips For Planning An Autumn Wedding.

I can't get enough of them and I think they look so beautiful in the wedding photography irrespective of the season but they're especially dazzling on an autumn evening.

They are such a great addition to an autumn wedding reception and again, they're pretty reasonable to pick up too.

They look beautiful, they give an almost atmospheric feeling of rustic magic.

You can literally drape them anywhere inside and outside.

There's so many outdoor string light ideas out there now.

It's such a nice idea to light the route for your guests once the sun sets at your venue.

outdoor string light ideas wedding

Some brides will have them adorn doorways but they are also very effective hanging from the ceiling or even in a vase on each table.

Here's an example of fairy lights hanging from the roof of a marquee combined with some lovely greenery, possibly jasmine.

fairy lights marquee autumn wedding

To conclude my 10 Top Tips For Planning An Autumn Wedding, there are so many ways to create a really memorable autumnal wedding.

Do you have any other ideas which I haven't touched on here?

If so, please let me know as I would love to hear from you.

Feel free to reach out to me via the Contact Page.



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