My wedding photography often takes me across London and much further beyond the UK. On my travels all over the country I am lucky enough to photograph both the interiors and exteriors of some extremely beautiful old churches. This great country of ours is filled with great churches and we are so very lucky to have them in our midst. And yet, many of them are falling into disrepair. As an institution the church isn’t what it was a century ago. 100 years ago it was an important part of the local community – the parish church was a place to meet up with friends, a place to share problems, a place for togetherness. These days the church has been replaced by television and Twitter, Facebook, internet shopping as well as a myriad of pubs, bars and clubs that extend across the country. There has been much made of the church and its inability not to change pace with the times. That said, recently we have seen something of a renaissance within the church, as more and more couples are electing to marry in church. I am glad about that too. As lovely as it is to have a civil wedding, personally I don’t believe you can better a good old fashioned church wedding. I have photographed at a great many churches over the years and below is a comprehensive list of all the churches I have been fortunate enough to have worked in.


All Saints Church, Fulham

Catholic Church of St Osmund, Barnes

Priory Church of St Peter, Dunstable

St Mary’s Church, Barnes

St Mary’s Church, Kintbury, Berkshire

St Nicolas Church, Great Bookham

St Paul’s Cathedral, London




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